Flores Holiday Paradise

WHERE?  Indonesia's Nusa Tenggara region, the third island east of Bali, surrounded by coral seas. An enchanting paradise; a must see!

WHY GO? To encounter a unique and welcoming traditional culture living against a stunning backdrop of live volcanoes. The Florinese still build towering thatched houses, still dress in intricately hand-dyed cloth, still hunt wild boar with homemade harpoons, still practice a startling blend of Catholicism and spirit-worship (churches are often decorated with strings of buffalo skulls). And they're happy to share it all with visitors.

HOW? By using Agusto Rumat and his dedicated organisation to show you the beauty of this island. Agusto is a certificated guide who knows the island as no other. He can take you to exiting places a stranger will never dicover.  

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© Jac Reniers / Agusto Rumat